3 Major Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

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Getting a dental crown is an extremely common procedure. There are millions of people living with crowns — or those who will need a dental crown. We dentists have used dental crowns to restore teeth for years, but our Neenah WI dental office has found a few new ways to give you affordable crowns fast.

Crowns Now is using digital technology to give patients crowns in less than two hours. You might need a crown if you have too much decay, have had a tooth with a root canal, or need to cover up pesky chips or cracks in your smile. Today we to share some of the advantages of getting same-day crowns. If you have dental problems, from damaged teeth to missing teeth, give us a call today at 920-221-7948. So here are three major advantages of getting same-day crowns in our office.

1. You’ll Save Time

Time is a major factor when it comes to dental care. No one wants to spend their free time sitting in the dental chair. We understand that. A typical crown takes about two visits to place. Dentists use the first visit to prepare the tooth and then take an impression. The second visit is there for placing your crown. With same-day crowns, we complete the entire treatment in about 90 minutes, and there’s no need for a second visit.

We’re use a digital scanner to take an impression of the tooth, design the crown in software, and then a special milling station to fabricate the crown. Our patients can sit there while the crown is being created. Some patients come to us during their lunch break at work and return to work with a great-fitting crown and no need for a second visit

2. No Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns or restorations are a major part of dentistry. They are essentially used as placeholders for your final restoration. There are several problems with temporary crowns.

  • They add time to the treatment
  • They are not as lifelike as final restorations
  • They are often smaller in size then your final restoration
  • Patients find them uncomfortable
  • These restorations are more prone to dislodging

Some patients have told us that other dental offices have had them wear a crown for weeks, or even a few months. For us, it’s important to restore the tooth with a long-term option as soon as possible. It allows us to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible and achieve predictable results.

3. Achieve Great Results

Using a 3-D scanner for your dental crowns allows us to find the best possible fit for your crown. Most dentists use goopy materials to take an impression of the tooth. The problem is that some patients find the goopy impressions intolerable and there is a slight margin or error. Using a digital image, we can find the perfect impression and cut down on the margin or error. With the impression, we’ll craft the crown from a solid chunk of ceramic material (no metal needed).

These crowns can help patients quickly restore their smiles. Transform your smile with Crowns Now. Give us a call today at 920-221-7948 to book a visit or use the online form to request a visit.


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