A Dental Bridge Is Still A Good Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement solution for many people. However, the tried-and-true dental bridge is still a very good option to replace one or several missing teeth. When you schedule a consultation at Crowns Now in Neehah, WI, we’ll discuss all your teeth replacement options so you can make an informed decision.

When Teeth Go Missing

Missing teeth are a bigger deal than you might think. In addition to the embarrassment of trying to smile with a missing tooth, there’s a natural tendency to chew more on the side that has more teeth. That can lead to excessive wear and tear on those teeth and can cause muscle strain that can lead to headaches and other problems.

Beyond the chewing problems, the underlying bone is affected when the tooth above it is no longer there. The tooth root transfers the pressure of chewing to the bone, and that stimulation helps to keep the bone strong and healthy. Without that stimulation, the bone begins to deteriorate.

While a dental bridge won’t transfer the pressure of chewing to the bone, it will allow you to smile with confidence and to chew comfortably on both sides of your mouth.

How A Dental Bridge Works

A dental bridge is composed of a series of crowns. The two outermost crowns (the abutments) are hollow and fit over the teeth on either side of the gap. The center crown or crowns (the pontics) are solid and provide firm chewing surfaces. With the crown cemented in place, your ability to chew comfortably and eat the foods you love is restored.

Since the neighboring teeth support and retain the bridge, they have to be strong enough to handle the load, so to speak. A dental bridge can be an all-in-one solution; if the neighboring teeth have been weakened or damaged, the crowns that fit over them protect and strengthen the teeth in addition to supporting the bridge.

Dental bridges are durable and with care can last 10 to 15 years. That makes them a very worthwhile investment in your smile and your ability to eat comfortably. At Crowns Now in Neenah, WI, we provide CEREC crowns milled on-site from a single block of ceramic.

Bridges vs. Implants

That may sound like a competition, but it really isn’t. Both bridges and dental implants are effective teeth replacement solutions. However, everyone’s needs are different, and the state of your existing teeth and the underlying bone may determine which one is best for you.

Dental implants are extremely durable and with care they should last a lifetime. The restorations (a single crown, an implant-supported bridge, or a full arch of dentures) will wear over time and need to be replaced. However, replacing an implant restoration is far easier than replacing a bridge.

That’s particularly true when a bridge fails due to decay in the neighboring teeth. Regardless of which tooth replacement method is used, proper dental hygiene remains extremely important and protects your investment as well as your health.

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