Experience ‘Amazing’ Same-Day Crowns [VIDEO]

veneers_3 | Crowns Now Neenah, WI

When Leon had an old filling that needed to be replaced, he trusted the dentists at Crowns Now to custom-make a same-day dental crown for him right in our office. He called the process “amazing to watch.”

And, Leon says, he loves the results.

“I haven’t thought about my crown since I walked out of the office because it was nothing strange that you’re dealing with,” he said. “I think that is a good testimonial to the fit because that being done by a computer as being compared to being fit by a mold has got to be a lot more accurate.”

Watch this video to learn more about Leon’s experience. Then, if you’re looking for the highest quality crowns for the best value in Neenah, WI, call us at 920-221-7948. Right now, we offer durable, custom-made dental crowns starting at just $795!

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