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Think back to last summer. Did you have to miss out on your favorite cookout foods — the grilled steaks, the corn on the cob — because of missing teeth? Well, summer’s on its way again, but there’s still enough time to fill in your smile gaps so you never miss out on your favorite summertime fare again!

Dental implants can restore up to 90 percent of your natural bite force, which will enable you to finally stop planning your meals around your missing teeth!

And if you’re looking for high-quality dental implants in Neenah, WI, consider Crowns Now! Our unique practice has adopted a narrow focus: the restoration and replacement of teeth. We’ve invested in the latest technology and hired a team of dentists who are passionate about helping you achieve a healthier, more complete smile! This allows us to operate more efficiently than our competition, and we pass those savings onto you!

In fact, right now, we’re able to replace a single tooth with a reliable dental implant and beautiful all-ceramic dental crown for just $2,995! Read on to learn more about how dental implants can improve your dental function and overall quality of life.

Then, give us a call at 920-221-7948 to schedule your appointment! We have evening and Saturday hours so you can get the dental work you need at hours that are most convenient for you.


How Dental Implants Help Your Bite


If you’re a lover of food but missing teeth have interfered with your passion, it’s time to consider dental implants. When it comes to teeth replacement options, prosthetics that simply rest on your gums may seem appealing. They are, after all, cost-effective and require less invasive procedures. But they only restore roughly 25 percent of your natural bite force!

But with dental implants, you’re able to recover almost all of the bite force that you lost when you lost your natural teeth! That’s because unlike teeth replacement options that just sit on the gums, dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth. Your tooth roots are the bony support structures that connect your teeth to your jawbone.

Dental implants mimic the anatomy of a natural tooth, including the way in which the prosthetic is held in place. After you get your dental implant placed, your jawbone heals around the implant, eventually holding it in place the same way it would a natural tooth. Your prosthetic is incredibly reliable because it’s basically just a part of you!

This improvement in biting power can even benefit your overall health and wellness. If your diet has been limited by missing teeth, then it’s possible you haven’t been eating a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet. By removing the barriers standing between you and a healthier diet, you’ll begin to eat more nutritious foods and feel healthier overall!


The Other Benefits Of Dental Implants


Of course, getting dental implants will improve your smile in other ways and benefit you even if don’t consider yourself to be a “foodie.” Most noticeable will be the cosmetic improvement. You’ll be able to enjoy a smile free of gaps, and this often results in improved self-esteem. Imagine how great it will feel to finally smile without embarrassment or hesitation.

There’s also the reliability and durability of dental implants. Because the artificial tooth roots simply fuse to your jawbone, you’ll never experience the uncertainty of wondering whether your prosthetic will slip out. There are no clasps or denture adhesives to worry about. Dental implants feel, function, and look so much like real teeth that you might actually forget they’re not real teeth!

Plus, you care for them just like you would a real set of teeth. Simply brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist every six months for routine checkups. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime!


High-Quality Implants, Excellent Value, & Unmatched Convenience


At Crowns Now, we’ve invested in highly skilled dentists and state-of-the-art technology that makes planning, placing, and restoring your dental implants efficient and convenient without compromising quality!

One of the ways that we do that is with our Sirona 3D cone beam CT scanner. This piece of technology allows us to more thoroughly plan your treatment. A little extra effort on the front end ultimately results in a more comfortable dental implant procedure for you!

Then, we use our game-changing CEREC milling device to craft your custom dental restoration in-house! When you go to other dentists to have a dental implant restored, it can take weeks or longer for images and impressions to be sent to an off-site lab, for technicians to fabricate your restoration, and then for them to send the final product back to your dentist. We eliminate all that waiting time by leveraging the power of computer-assisted dentistry. After we create a digital blueprint for your dental restoration, the CEREC milling device carves it out of a block of durable ceramic. It only takes minutes!

We also know that scheduling appointments to get dental implants can be difficult when you lead a busy home and work life. At Crowns Now, we’re open when other practices aren’t — 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. You won’t have to take vacation days or unpaid time off to do something nice for your smile.

Plus, in some cases, we can restore your dental implant the same day you have it placed! That way, there are no inconvenient follow-up appointments and less time between you and your new smile.


Experience The Difference


At Crowns Now, we understand that taking that first step toward getting dental implants can be intimidating. But with a team of compassionate professionals walking you through every step, the process can seem more manageable — and even enjoyable!

You’ll love the care you receive in our Neenah, WI office as much as you love the results. Call us today at 920-221-7948 to find out whether dental implants are right for you. You can also fill out our easy-to-use online form to request an appointment.

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