How Do I Know Whether I Should Get A Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns are widely used to protect and preserve teeth that have been damaged. That damage may be due to injury, decay, tooth breakage, or extensive and repeated restoration with fillings.


It’s certainly true that not every tooth that has a filling needs a dental crown. Many fillings do an admirable job of keeping a tooth in working order. Dental amalgam fillings – the bright, shiny, metallic kind – can have a long lifespan.


But any filling – particularly composite fillings – can be worn away or crack. You might not even notice that a problem has developed. And large fillings may not do a good enough job of preserving the structural integrity of the tooth.


Any of those events can expose your tooth to decay-causing bacteria. The result can be extensive root canal work if the infection goes into the center of the tooth.


If you’ve noticed that filling has deteriorated or you have discomfort, call Crowns Now at 920-843-9026 to see if a crown is the right solution for you.


The Advantages of Dental Crowns


Dental crowns cover your entire tooth, strengthening it and blocking decay-causing bacteria. That’s superior protection for the tooth in almost all cases.


The custom crowns provided by Crowns Now in Neenah, WI are milled from a solid block of ceramic. They’re designed for superior strength and integrity. And unlike 86 percent of dental offices, we create your new crown on-site using our CEREC milling machine. Depending on your situation, you can receive your crown in a single visit rather than waiting weeks for your new crown and making multiple visits.


Trust The Advanced Technology at Crowns Now


We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art dental technology in our Neenah, WI dental office. When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll use our Sirona 3D cone beam CT scanner and Galileos digital imaging machine to the most thorough and accurate images. Those images will allow us to determine whether you’ll be best served by a dental crown or another restoration option.


Here’s what Jill said about her experience at Crowns Now. “You’re not walking around with a, what they would call a temporary crown that doesn’t tend to stay on and falls off at embarrassing times sometimes. You’re out at a restaurant with friends and all of a sudden, you’re chewing on your temporary crown, which isn’t good. So, the one-day permanent crown eliminates a problem like that. The technology is great. I mean, you can do more things here. He can actually make the crowns here rather than send them out to a lab, so that cuts time and makes follow-up for him probably better. You’ll get good service, the people are great, it’s just a good atmosphere.”


Our Services Are Fast, Expert, And Affordable


The highly experienced dentists at Crowns Now in Neenah, WI provide comfortable and expert treatment in a time frame that fits people’s busy schedules. With our advanced technology, you can expect your dental crown to be more comfortable, more precise, and surprisingly affordable.


Call Crowns Now if you live in or near Neenah, WI. Call 920-221-7948 or contact us online to request a consultation.


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