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Holiday feasting is no fun when you can’t enjoy the staples of the season — the Thanksgiving turkey, the corn on the cob, the green bean casserole. Don’t miss another year of festivities just because missing teeth have made chewing difficult or painful.

If you’re looking to replace missing teeth, dental implants are a great place to start. Nothing beats the security and durability they provide for a single tooth replacement. And when it comes to replacing a series of teeth — or even a full upper or lower set — dental implants make it possible to go about your day-to-day life without worrying that your prosthetic will come loose.

And we have some great news: It’s never been easier or more affordable to replace teeth with dental implants when you trust Crowns Now in Neenah, WI with your care! We strive to offer the highest-quality dental care for the best value.

So if you’re curious about how dental implants can restore your smile, give us a call at 920-221-7948 to schedule an appointment!


Dental Implants 101


A dental implant is a small post, crafted from titanium. That’s the same biocompatible metal you’ll find in a lot of medical devices or prosthetics, from pacemakers to hip replacements. The dental implant is embedded in the gums and actually replaces the root of the missing tooth. That’s why this is often the best option for replacing a single tooth; it replaces the root in addition to the visible portion of the tooth. In time, the dental implant actually fuses to your jawbone, just like a real tooth does.

The dental implant is fitted with an abutment, which provides a secure foundation for your custom dental restoration. This can be a dental crown, which replaces the visible portion of a single tooth, or it could be a dental bridge or full dental arch prosthetic. When you replace a single tooth with a dental implant and a dental crown, it’s the closest you’ll get to a brand new tooth!

Roughly 3 million people in the United States have replaced missing teeth with dental implants, and their popularity continues to grow. That’s largely because of the unmatched security and durability that they offer.

In addition, dental implants can help you maintain a healthy jawbone. When you chew with dental implants, the force of your bite transfers to your jaw, just as it would with natural, healthy teeth. With tooth replacement options that only replace the visible portion of your teeth, the bite force transfers entirely to the gums. This can sometimes lead to deterioration of the jawbone, which causes the face to take on a sunken appearance.


All-On-4® Dental Implants


If you’re looking to replace an entire set of teeth, you might imagine replacing each individual tooth with a dental implant topped with a dental crown for an entirely new, healthy smile.

But the truth is that doing so typically isn’t really realistic. The procedure would require hours of chair time and recovery time, not to mention the fact that it would also be cost-prohibitive.

There is good news, though: It’s easy to anchor a full upper or lower set of teeth to as few as four dental implants! You’ll get the benefit of dental implants with significantly less chair time and recovery time. It’ll also be way more affordable!

Here’s how it works: When you opt for an All-On-4® dental implant procedure, we’ll place a total of four dental implants — two placed vertically at the front of your mouth and two placed at angles toward the back of your mouth. This will ensure a strong hold. Then, we’ll affix a full dental arch prosthetic to those four dental implants.

Alternatively, we offer an All-On-6 dental implant procedure, which is exactly what it sounds like: a full dental arch prosthetic anchored on six dental implants.


The Ideal Candidate


Although there are some exceptions, most people who are healthy enough to undergo a tooth extraction procedure are able to have a dental implant placed. But there’s only one way to know for sure whether dental implants are right for you: Consult with the dental professionals at Crowns Now!

At Crowns Now, we focus solely on dental restorations like dental crowns and dental implants. We’re able to use state-of-the-art dental technology to cut down on costs to offer you a great deal on high-quality care.

Plus, it’s easy to schedule an appointment. We’re open when most other practices aren’t, so you’ll be able to find a time to come in that doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule. We even offer “Implant Evenings” Monday through Friday so you can have dental implants placed at a time that doesn’t conflict with your work schedule!

Give us a call today at 920-221-7948 to schedule an appointment! You can also fill out our online form.


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