Never Wait Weeks For A Dental Crown Again!

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If you’ve ever had to suffer through weeks wearing a temporary crown, you know how inconvenient conventional dental crown treatment can be. These “temporaries” are often ill-fitting and held in place by a weak dental cement. Sometimes, they fall out at inconvenient times.

And time is precious! Every day that you have to go without your permanent restoration is a day that you’re not living your best life.

At Crowns Now, we never want you to have to wait weeks or even longer for your dental crown! That’s why we’ve invested in the technology and training to be able to craft beautiful, all-ceramic dental crowns in just a matter of minutes. In our office, you’re able to walk in with a damaged tooth and walk out with a permanent restoration — now how’s that for convenience?

Check out how the professionals in our Neenah, WI office are working to make same-day crowns a reality! Then, contact us to schedule an appointment. Call us today at 920-221-7948 to find out how a same-day dental crown can improve your smile.


The Power Of CEREC


How is Crowns Now able to provide dental crowns in just one day without compromising quality? It’s possible in large part thanks to technology!

Our office is among the 14 percent of dental practices that are able to create dental restorations in-house with a CEREC milling device. At other practices, you would have to wait weeks for an off-site lab to create your dental crown. But we’ve figured out a way to make the wait — and temporary crowns — unnecessary.

When you come to Crowns Now for a dental crown, we’ll first numb the area and prepare the tooth. This involves removing a small amount of tooth structure to accommodate the restoration. Then, we’ll take a series of digital images of the newly prepared tooth to guide the creation of your crown. We’ll send these plans to our CEREC milling device, which will in a few minutes time carve your restoration from a block of ceramic! 

Once that’s finished, we’ll make some adjustments to the color of the prosthetic so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Finally, we’ll bond the crown to your prepared tooth, allowing you to walk out of our office with a beautifully restored smile!


Crowns For A Great Value


Because our practice focuses on the restoration of teeth, we’re able to offer the highest quality dental crowns for the best value in Neenah, WI! Right now, we can provide you with a custom dental crown for just $795!

To add to the convenience, we see patients in the evenings and on weekends! And paying for your restoration is easy and stress-free. We accept all major credit cards, cash, money orders, and PayPal. We even work with CareCredit to offer no-interest and low-interest financing to those who qualify.


Start Your Journey To A Healthier Smile


At Crowns Now, we make it so convenient to restore your smile that there’s no reason not to do it! Call us today at 920-221-7948 to make an appointment, or use our online form.

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