The Cost of NOT Getting a Dental Crown

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Believe it or not, millions of people lose teeth every year.

And of those millions, many will end up losing more teeth because they were too worried about the cost of getting a tooth replacement. At Crowns Now in Neenah, WI, we work hard to make teeth replacement affordable and efficient for you.

But today, we want you to understand what the cost of NOT getting a crown could be. We hope you won’t pay that cost.

Instead, we hope you will call 920-221-7948 to make an appointment to learn more about how we can help restore your smile!


Like Slow Moving Dominoes

Losing one tooth may not seem like a big deal at first. It’s one tooth, right? How much of a difference could it make?

Well, as it turns out, it could be the first of many teeth you could lose if you choose to do nothing about it.

When you lose a tooth, a few things can happen that can lead to more problems. First, your teeth can begin to shift — or drift — in your mouth. Your teeth provide mutual support for one another. When one of your teeth is no longer there, nearby teeth can move toward that empty space.

Meanwhile, below the surface, something else may be happening in your jaw. Your jawbone helps to hold your teeth in place. At the same time, your teeth help to keep your jaw healthy and strong. Each time you bite into something or chew some food, you press the roots of your teeth in your jawbone.

Your jaw reacts to that pressure by making new bone tissue. This new tissue is necessary to replace old tissue as it is resorbed by your body. Without new tissue, your jawbone in that part of your mouth can lose up to 25 percent of its mass within 12 months.

As your teeth shift and part of your jaw becomes weaker, you are more likely to lose more teeth. When that happens the process that started with one tooth affects a larger part of your mouth, leaving more teeth at risk. Gradually, your teeth could start falling out one at a time.


The Social Cost of Missing Teeth

Again, you may not think losing a tooth is a big deal at first.

But it may not take too long before you start to notice something — other people noticing your missing tooth. Your lost tooth can become distracting to other people, which can be a problem if you are talking to a potential client for work or meeting someone at a social event.

As you become more aware of how your missing tooth affects other people, you may become self-conscious about smiling in front of other people. This can lead you to feel compelled to cover your mouth with your hand whenever you are talking to someone face-to-face. (That’s can be awkward, too.)

You may start turning down invitations to social gatherings with family and friends. You may avoid dining out or doing other things you’d like to do because you feel embarrassed by your smile. We hope this wouldn’t happen to you, but it has happened to other patients. Eventually, those patients decided they didn’t want to live like that any longer, and we helped them replace the lost teeth.


Act Now!

Replacing one tooth isn’t cheap, but it’s much less expensive than replacing multiple teeth or every tooth in your mouth.

By getting a dental implant and a dental crown, you can fill the empty space in your smile. That’s not all you’ll be doing, however. Your replacement tooth can stop the drifting we described earlier. Your implant will anchor your new tooth in place, and it will stimulate new bone tissue to growth so your jaw can stay healthy.

When you have a natural-looking smile once again, you won’t be worried about how other people may react when they see you face-to-face. You can be yourself, and you can feel more comfortable doing the things you want to do with your family and friends.

Our team at Crowns Now wants you to enjoy the benefits of tooth replacements. It’s why we have a variety of payment options. We will work with you to find a payment option that works with your budget.

Call 920-221-7948 today or contact us online to get started on your new smile.


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