What You Need To Know Before You Get Dental Implants [BLOG]

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Tooth replacement is a significant life decision that requires careful thought and expert guidance. We can help you decide if our dental crowns, dental bridges, or dental implants and restorations at Crowns Now would be a good fit to restore function and beauty to your smile again after tooth loss.

Today, our team in Neenah, WI is looking at two important factors you should know about before you get dental implants!

*You Need To Be In Good Overall Health*

More often than not, those who face tooth loss on a larger scale do so as a result of gum disease, which is leads the way in adult tooth loss causes.

Many who reach the point of tooth loss are also left with poor gum health due to the infection and inflammation of those delicate tissues.

Gum disease can also lead to another complication in being a good dental implant candidate, and that’s the possible overall health problems that are scientifically linked to this bacterial infection.

So in order to get dental implants, we will want to evaluate your health overall to see if you’re free of chronic systemic inflammation, heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and other issues. The goal is to optimize the success of your implant placement and stability of your new replacement teeth for as long as possible. To achieve that, it’s best if you’re in relatively good health aside from dental problems that got you to this point.

*You Need Enough Space & A Healthy Jawbone*

First, you need to have enough room for a standard dental implant.

But unfortunately, some people don’t have a large enough space in the sinus cavity to place an implant in the upper jaw.

We can remedy this in many cases with a sinus lift, which opens up the area to accommodate an implant comfortably and effectively.

Another issue you may have that stands in the way of dental implants is lack of bone mass in your jaw to support them.

When you lose teeth, your jawbone in that area will deteriorate, which means you might lose too much bone mass to support an implant firmly and successfully by the time you reach out for a professional consultation.

Again, we may be able to help you with a bone graft to build up your jawbone strength and promote new growth so that you can eventually have a dental implant placed successfully.

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