You Broke A Tooth! Now What? [BLOG]

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It’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Breaking a tooth can happen to anyone at any time, and for a variety of reasons. It might be a car or bike accident, a sports injury, or simply an unfortunate bite mishap while eating dinner!

Not only can a broken tooth be painful, but it leaves you susceptible to bacterial infection because of the easy access to the inside of your tooth a fracture creates.

While fracturing a tooth can easily create a painful disaster at the worst possible time, you’ll find quick, effective solutions in Neenah, WI!

At Crowns Now, our specialty is repairing weak, decayed, damaged, and even replacing missing teeth with help from dental crowns and other quality restorations using the latest digital technology.

That means you don’t have to endure a painful dental injury or risk serious oral health problems because you had to wait for a permanent restoration to be fabricated in an outside lab.

You Broke A Tooth! Now What?

Dental crowns are nothing new, as you know.

They’ve been relied upon by dentists for quite a long time to cover, or “cap,” teeth that have become too weak or damaged to withstand the pressure of normal function.

More specifically, you might need a dental crown to:

*Cover a stained tooth

*Repair a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth

*Cap a tooth with a cavity too large for a filling

*Replace one or more missing teeth in conjunction with bridges or implants

So what’s different about modern dental crowns?

In a word… convenience!

Thanks to our CEREC technology, which only an estimated 14% of dentists have, we can design and fabricate your permanent restoration in a single visit! That means you don’t have to wait two or more weeks to fix or replace a tooth or miss work because of multiple dentist appointments for, essentially, treating one dental problem.

This has changed dentistry in a major way, and it’s something our patients can depend on when facing a dental fracture that, had they gone to another practice, would otherwise cause disruption and hassle to their normal routine.

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Crowns Now is your trusted source for restorative solutions when you damage, break, or lose a tooth. That’s because we specialize in creating high-quality, durable dental crowns, bridges, and various implant solutions to keep your healthy, beautiful smile intact!

If you’ve suffered a dental injury and want fast, comfortable restorative care, call our Neenah, WI dental office today at 920-221-7948 or contact us online to request an appointment at Crowns Now.

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