Jill on restoring function in her teeth with crowns

As a little kid, even though my parents were super vigilant about candy and twice-a-year checkups and so on, I just had cavities all the time. I remember being in a dentist chair like at four and five getting teeth filled, and he’d give me pennies so I wouldn’t cry, because they’d hurt. When you have that many fillings, your teeth weaken and sides of teeth come off, especially molars, and then you wind up with crowns. I have lots of crowns, and sometimes that doesn’t do the trick either. The crown, after a number of years, it just doesn’t hold anymore because there isn’t enough tooth, and then an implant or a hole is your only option, and I didn’t want to do a hole.

He has the equipment. He can make it right here, so you’re not walking around with a, what they would call a temporary crown that doesn’t tend to stay on and falls off at embarrassing times sometimes. You’re out at a restaurant with friends and all of a sudden, you’re chewing on your temporary crown, which isn’t good. So, the one-day permanent crown eliminates a problem like that. The technology is great. I mean, you can do more things here. He can actually make the crowns here rather than send them out to a lab, so that cuts time and makes follow-up for him probably better. You’ll get good service, the people are great, it’s just a good atmosphere.