John on the technology used to make crowns at Crowns Now

My crowns are all made in-house and I’ve had six of them. It’s a very simple process with 3D imaging and a 3D printer. Everything has fit fine–love everything about it: in and out, no waiting, no temps. He does a 3D imaging where he uses a pen and goes over the tooth that needs to be crowned. The tooth is then ground down. The 3D imaging gets shipped to the 3D printer in the other room and you sit back and wait. He matches up the color of your teeth with a block of porcelain, if you will, and you sit and wait for it to be done. He pops it on, it fits perfectly. Every one has fit perfectly every time. In and out in pretty much less than two hours.

I don’t have to worry about my teeth cracking, other than the ones that haven’t been crowned yet. I’ve had no problems chewing. I’ve never had to come back for an adjustment or anything ground down that wasn’t fitting right–never had to do that. If you want the best service, as far as a painless dentist goes, if you want the latest technology and continued new technology–it’s always changing, keeping up with the times, and that makes it better for the patient.