Leon on getting a crown in a day at Crowns Now

After Dr. Eike said I needed a crown from an old tooth that had a filling, he told me what the procedure was going to be, and it was pretty amazing to sit and watch as he brought the computer and the device that took a picture inside of my mouth and around that tooth, and all of the measuring points that there was on the tooth–multiple, multiple points, and the computer used them to actually build the crown. After that process, he took me in the other room and let me actually watch it make the crown. It is fascinating, and compared to two trips back to the dentist and all the fitting and so forth that has to be done, it’s done with that computer and I’m sure it was three, four minutes, and he was gluing it in place. I haven’t thought about my crown since I walked out of the office because it was nothing strange that you’re dealing with. I think that is a good testimonial to the fit because that being done by a computer as being compared to being fit by a mold, has got to be a lot more accurate.

You know, I can remember the first crown I had on, I think the only other crown I had, how many times I went back to have it crowned down here or crowned down there, where with this one, when it was glued in place, it fit. There was no grinding down or shaping or changing anything, and I assume it was because the computer fit it to that tooth and to my mouth. If you have a busy lifestyle, you’d like to come in and get it done and get out of here instead of having a mold done, coming back a week later, having the temporary tore off and then install a permanent one and come back once or twice to have it ground down to fit. I think that the opportunity to come in and within a couple hours be totally done with it is so much better.